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Reviving Arab Reform: Development Challenges and Opportunities

Islam Abdelbary
Plymouth University, UK

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15 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229mm


Most studies of the Arab Spring in the 2010s focus only on its political drivers and failures, and none provides a framework for an economically sustainable way forward. 

By drawing lessons from the economic causes of the Spring, Reviving Arab Reform offers a unique consideration of the links between governance and economic growth in the region and offers tangible hope for the future. Islam Abdelbary evaluates the reform programmes set up in the 1990s in the MENA region, and through a wide variety of analytical methods including panel data analysis, he identifies the failures and successes of previous Arab reforms. He then outlines the challenges and opportunities for development in the region and provides a framework for more comprehensive and integrated development in the Arab world. Ultimately, Abdelbary argues that the new Arab reform agenda must address previous debilitating governance issues, as better institutional structures will reduce uncertainty and encourage efficiency, thereby contributing to sustained and inclusive growth.  

For its unique mix of scholarly rigor and practical ways forward, Reviving Arab Reform is a must-read not only for researchers and students interested in institutional economic theory, development studies, and the Middle East, but also for development practitioners in the MENA region and in international organizations based further afield.
Chapter 1. Introduction  
Chapter 2. The Theoretical Basis 
Chapter 3. Methodology 
Chapter 4. Insight of Arab Economics: A Reforming Outlook 
Chapter 5. Economic Stabilisation and Arab Reform 
Chapter 6. Business and Structural Reform 
Chapter 7. Social Aspects of Arab Reform 
Chapter 8. Institutions and Political Aspects of Arab Reform 
Chapter 9. Winners and Losers of Arab Reforms 
Chapter 10. The Impact of Reform Programmes on Economic Growth: An Econometric Analysis 
Chapter 11. Towards an Inclusive Development Framework for Arab Reform
Concluding Remarks
Islam Abdelbary is a Lecturer at both the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and the University of Plymouth, UK. Abdelbary's current research focuses on Institutional Economics, Sustainability and Economic Development, and Development Reform Policy in developing countries. He won the Ibn Khaldun Prize in 2018.

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