Rethinking Young People's Lives Through Space and Place Vol: 26

Anuppiriya Sriskandarajah
York University, Canada

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10 Jun 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
176 pages - 152 x 229mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth
How do children and youth create, negotiate, change spaces and places, and assert their rights to space? Taking a socio-spatial approach, this international collection based on empirical research examines how space relates to and informs the social construction of children and youth. Examining the spaces used by children and youth in many different contexts, including neighbourhoods, community centres, schools, public streets, the natural environment, orphanages, early education classrooms, homes, borders, this collection exists at the intersection of the new sociology of childhoods and new materialism. 
 Rethinking Young People's Lives Through Space and Place explores three main themes, how children navigate real and imaginary borders, how space constitutes belonging, meaning-making, and representation, and how space informs learning and identities.
Chapter 1. Public spaces as loci of education and identity building. Paul Maerky and the lives of messengers and apprentices in Geneva’s horological district, 1871-1876, Diana Volonakis 
Chapter 2. Todo es diferente en la frontera: Mixed-Status Familism in the Texas Border Strip, Carlos Aguila
Chapter 3. Re-imagining Childhoods: Nepali Children’s Homes, Jennifer Rothchild 
Chapter 4. From Inequality to social exclusion: What do children say about school? Camila Caldeira Langfeldt; Angela Scalabrin Coutinho 
Chapter 5. Youth and their Multiple Relationships with the City: Experiences of Exclusion and Belonging in Montréal, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, Juan Torres, Geneviève Grégoire-Labrecque 
Chapter 6. Reexamining and reassembling the gendered worlds of preschool girls, Yeojoo Yoon and Allison Sterling Henward 
Chapter 7. Weaving place-based education and Coast Salish knowledge: Stories from Salt Spring Island, Jodi Streelasky 
Chapter 8. Please Sit Down: Children’s Creative Expression Within the Boundaries of a Structured Early Childhood Education Classroom, Katherine Martin
Anuppiriya Sriskandarajah is an Assistant Professor in the Children, Childhood and Youth Program at York University. Recently, she published “Cultural Mixers: Race, Space, and Intercultural Relations among Youth in East-end Toronto” in the Canadian Journal of Sociology. Currently, she is working on “When Futurity Speaks: Indigenous Girlhood and Developing the Developed World.” In 2018, she was also elected to serve on the largest school board in Canada.

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