Retail Futures: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Digital Transformation

Eleonora Pantano
University of Bristol, UK

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07 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 152 x 229mm
Retail Futures presents a comprehensive collection of new theory, original empirical evidence, and applied case studies synthesizing the emerging contributions in innovation and technology management for the retailing sector. Eleonora Pantano presents readers with an accessible and wide ranging collection of chapters aimed at clearly identifying the challenges retailers have to face in response to innovative new practices, while suggesting how the sector can respond to the technological developments. 

The book analyses theories, frameworks and guidelines for successfully managing innovation in retailing, empirical research on retailers and consumer behavior when facing innovation in retail settings, ethical considerations and privacy issues, and case studies of retailers and innovation.  

Retail Futures is primarily aimed at academic researchers studying retailing (including internet and e- retailing), as well as upper level students who want to understand this phenomenon. In addition, the book is useful for practitioners who are experiencing the dramatic effects of new and smart technologies on their retail strategies. This work provides a strong collection of theories, empirical evidence, and case study applications synthesizing the emerging studies on the innovation and technology management for retailing in an accessible way.
Chapter 1. How innovative technology serves the retailer: a store sales cycle model; Tibert Verhagen and Jesse Weltevreden.
Chapter 2. The rise of robots in retailing: literature review on success factors and pitfalls; Laurens De Gauquier, Malaika Brengman, and Kim Willens.
Chapter 3. Technological diversification in retail agglomerations: case studies along the marketing mix; Amela Dizdarevic, Heiner Evanschitzky, Christof Brackhaus.
Chapter 4. Digital Signage in the Store Atmosphere: Balancing Gains and Pains; Stefanie van de Sanden, Kim Willems, Ingrid Poncin, and Malaika Brengman.
Chapter 5. Technology-infused organizational frontlines: When (not) to use chatbots in retailing to promote customer engagement; Mathieu Lajante and Marzia Del Prete.
Chapter 6. Dealing with fake reviews in retailing; Scott Dacko, Rainer Schmidt, Michael Mohring and Barbara Keller.
Chapter 7. Towards omnichannel retail management: evidences from practice; Monica Grosso and Sandro Castaldo
Chapter 8. Slaves to the algorithm: a discussion of the on-line shopping behavior of minors; Alun Epps.
Chapter 9. Transforming the e-retailing experience: towards a framework for the socialization of the virtual dressing room; Vanissa Wanick and Eirini Bazaki
Chapter 10. Smart consumers and decision making process; Costantinos-Vasilios Priporas
Chapter 11. The dark side of artificial intelligence in retail services innovation; Ali B. Mahmoud, Shehnaz Tehseen and Leonora Fuxman
Chapter 12. Retailing and the ethical challenges and dilemmas behind artificial intelligence; Andreas Kaplan.
Chapter 13. Do I lose my privacy for a better service? Investigating the interplay between big data analytics and privacy loss from young consumers' perspective; Virginia Vannucci and Eleonora Pantano
Eleonora Pantano is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Marketing at University of Bristol, UK. She is co-author of Technology and Innovation for Marketing (2018) and Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives (2016), editor of Successful Technological Integration for Competitive Advantage in Retail Settings (2015), and co-editor of Advanced Technologies Management for Retailing: Frameworks and Cases (2011). She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

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