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Research on Negotiation in Organizations Vol: 6

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01 Jun 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Research on Negotiation in Organizations
This volume of "Research on Negotiation in Organizations" focuses on three new and emerging areas in the domain of negotiation and conflict within organizations. In the first section, the problem of 'deviance' within organizations is approached from a conflict and justice perspective. Earlier research attention to these issues tended to treat deviance largely as a problem created by selected individuals who did not adapt to the organization, rather than as a systemic problem created by certain organizational conditions. By seeing deviant behavior in organizations as a possible response to unfair treatment, and by employing conflict management concepts to explain how individuals respond to organizational constraints and pressures, the papers in this section extend the work on conflict and justice to a new, rich, and largely unexplored domain. The second section of this volume addresses an increasingly important challenge in our world - the effective management of environmental conflict; the authors demonstrate factors contributing to the intractability of environmental disputes, and the importance of perceptions of fairness in attaining conflict resolution. The third and final section offers diverse but important papers in the application of conflict and negotiation to the international environment, including an examination of conflict in a Chinese cultural context, and commentary on the role of power differences in conflict management and negotiation.
Preface (R.J. Lewicki et al.). New Explanations for Deviant Behavior in Organizations. Workplace deviance: its definition, its manifestation and its causes (S.L. Robinson, R.J. Bennett). A social influence model of employee theft: beyond the fraud triangle (J. Greenberg). Dishonesty as deviance: a typology of workplace dishonesty and contributing causes (R.J. Lewicki et al.). The second face of trust: reflections on the dark side of interpersonal trust in organizations (D.J. McAllister). The fourth arm of justice: the art and science of revenge (J. McLean Parks). What's good about revenge: the avenger's perspective (T.M. Tripp, R.J. Bies). New Perspectives on Environmental Disputing. Framing and reframing of intractable environmental disputes (B. Gray). Egocentric interpretations of fairness as an obstacle to the resolution of environmental conflict (K. Wade-Benzoni et al.). Negotiation and Conflict in International Context. Understanding conflict in a Chinese cultural context (C.H. Tinsley). The structuralist dilemma in negotiation (I.W. Zartman). Explaining outcomes of negotiation: toward a grounded model for negotiation between organizations (S.E. Weiss).

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