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Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology Vol: 15

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16 May 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
398 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology


This volume is the 15th in a series which collects together research in the history of economic thought and methodology. It considers issues such as why historians should examine the history of economic thought, whether it is 'history' or 'economics', and whether it is progressive or cyclical.
List of contributors. Editorial board. Acknowledgments. When disillusion falls: Keynes' theory of unemployment in the context of cyclical processes (J.E. Elliott). Philanthropic foundations and the rehabilitation of big business, 1934-1977: a case study of directed economic research (F.S. Lee). The naturalism of Adam Smith's value theory (M.R. Greer). The awareness of Cournot's recherches among early British economists (A. Vazquez). On a correspondence between Habermasian ethics and Smithian sentiments (K.L. Avio, S. Pelger). Symposium: History of Economic Thought: Is it "History" or "Economics"? History of economic thought: is it "history" or "economics"? (A.M.C. Waterman). The work of historians of economic thought (W.J. Samuels). Why should a professional economists study the history of economic thought? (E.L. Forget). The history of economic thought; progress or cycle? (N.E. Cameron). Reflections on "breaking away" economics as science and the history of economics as history of science (R.B. Emmett). Recycling old ideas: economics among the humanities (A.M.C. Waterman). Review Essays. A towering enigma: Alfred Marshall, the economists and the man (R. Petridis). A soaring eagle (A. Brewer). Groenewegan's biography of Alfred Marshall (D.A. Walker). Marshall in context (D.E. Moggridge). What's the difference between rhetoric and methodology? not a lot so let's talk more and fight less: a review essay of Donald N. McCloskey's "knowledge and persuasion in economics" (B. Gerrard). The sociological assault on political economy (R.A. Solo). Creedy's demand and exchange in economic analysis (C.E. Staley). Hayek Contra Keynes (G. Dostaler). Reading Adam Smith's discourse (D. Collings, A. Ortmann). Fayerabend and the rescue of methodology (W.J. Samuels). Money, cycles, and Hayek (F.G. Steindl). Two reviews of perspectives on monetary thought (R.H. Rasche). The decline of a great discipline (D.F. Koch). A giant's legacy (N. Aslanbeigui).

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