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Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology: A Research Annual Vol: 25, Part A

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03 May 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
158 pages - 156 x 234 x 11mm
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology


The series presents materials in two fields, the history of economic thought, and the methodology of economics, both broadly considered. The main annual volumes present articles comparable to what one would find in a journal, except that long pieces are welcome. Also presented are review essays on new works in the two fields, some of which are multiple reviews; plus occasional mini-symposia. The archival supplements present hitherto unpublished materials - lecture notes, papers, longer manuscripts, correspondence, etc.- of interest in the two fields. The series presents review essays, multiple reviews and mini symposia on new-works in this field. It includes volumes which are broad in scope. The series fills a substantial gap in this field.
The Ethics of the Market The Ethical Case for the MarketMeadowcroft's. The Libertarian Fantasy of an Ethical Market. The Virtues, Complexity, and Limits of Markets. Methodology and Epistemology of Multilevel Analysis Methodological Holism and Individualism ConfrontedCourgeau's. Indeterminacy and Society The Problematic Problematization of Choice and ActionHardin's. Reflections of Eminent Economists Essays in AutobiographySzenberg and Ramrattan's. Ricardo's Macroeconomics The Reinvention of Ricardo as an Applied EconomistDavis's. Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy The Wealth of Nations and the Morality of OpulenceEvensky's. Elgar Companion to Law and Economics Complaining about the CompanionBackhaus's. Political Sociology of Freedom Spontaneous and not so Spontaneous OrdersHamowy's. Surviving Capitalism How to Survive CapitalismRingman's. Economists in Parliament in the Liberal Age and Augello and Guidi's. Origins of Law and Economics They may not be “Origins,” but they are “Contributions” (for the Most Part)Parisi and Rowley's. Cultures Merging The Missing Cultural Foundations of Economic GlobalizationJones’. List of Contributors. EDITORIAL BOARD. New books received.

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