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Research in Secondary Schools Vol: 17

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01 Aug 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities


Secondary education of students with learning and behavioral disabilities is an issue of great importance. Unlike elementary schools, secondary schools require substantially more independent functioning, assume the effective use of student planning and study skills, and often lack the classes in basic skills needed by some learners. Further, new developments in state high-stakes testing have increased the demands on content knowledge, and have decreased the availability of vocationally oriented programs. In this volume, several topics of relevance to secondary schools are considered by leading scholars, in reviews of recent research and new investigations with original data. Included in the volume are reviews of recent research on the efficacy of self-management techniques; the utility and efficacy of homework assignments; treatments for secondary students with autism; interventions on content-area learning, including English, science, math, and social studies; the effects of teacher licensure on teaching competence; dynamic assessment of working memory; and uses of technology in secondary education programs for students with learning and behavioral disabilities. In addition, original research is presented in areas of problem solving in algebra; effectiveness of co-teaching in secondary classrooms; and the interaction of depression and self-regulation. This book is intended for interested professionals and practitioners; researchers in learning and behavioral disabilities; and graduate students in psychology, education, and special education, particularly those concerned with the issues of learning and behavior problems in secondary schools.
Efficacy of Behavioral Self-Management Techniques with Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders. The Effects of Self-Instructional Strategies on Problem Solving in Algebra for Students with Special Needs. Value Added of the Special Education Teacher in Secondary School Co-Taught Classes. Homework for Students with Disabilities. Making the Grade: Promoting Success of Secondary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Effective Content-Area Instruction for all Students. Social Studies and Students with Disabilities: Current Status of Instruction and a Review of Intervention Research. How can a Students Depressive Attitude Interfere with the Use of Good Self-Regulation Skills? Preliminary Work in Determining Whether Dynamic Assessment of Working Memory Helps in the Classification of Students with Reading Disabilities. Recent Research in Secondary Content Areas for Students with Learning and Behavioral Disabilities. Technology and Students with Learning and Behavioral Disabilities. The Effects of Teacher Licensure on Teachers Pedagogical Competence: Implications for Elementary and Secondary Teachers of Students with Learning and Behavioral Disabilities.

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