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Research in Science and Technology Studies: Knowledge and Technology Transfer Vol: 13

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15 Aug 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
274 pages - 150 x 225 x 23mm
Knowledge and Society
This text documents the various ways in which knowledge and technology transfer happen in practice. In reporting on the travel of thoughts and things, the authors in the volume undermine commonly held ideas about technology transfer. Their story shows how the process of transfer transforms and reshapes the object that travels. More importantly, they show how the travel of knowledge and technology results in new socio-technical arrangements, as well as in new socio-technical objects. These stories also relate how the authors themselves take part in achieving such processes of transfer and transformation. As anthropologists, consultants, and science studies researchers they do not stand outside the transfers that they describe. The volume is, therefore, a commentary not only on the practice of knowledge and technology transfer, but also on the practice of observation and intervention.
Knowledge and technology transfer or the travel of thoughts and things, M. de Laet; nature and culture in the field - two centuries of stories from Lituya Bay, Alaska, J. Cruikshank; technology transfer perspectives on climate forecast applications, S. Agrawala, Kenneth Broad; dams and designer fish - travails and travels of the Pacific salmon. M. Black; the people's water - technology transfer and community empowerment in Guatemala, B. Clemens et al; technology transfer - preaching to the converted or seducing the disbelievers, A. von Raesfeld; "transferring" strategies of land management - the knowledge practices of indigenous land owners and environmental scientists, H. Verran; new technologies and knowledge for sustainable development - the empowerment challenge, B. Filip; patents, knowledge and technology transfer - on the politics of positioning and place, M. de Laet; "out-liers", "insiders", and practical harvests - art as technology transfer in a research environment, L. Lynch.

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