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Research in Science and Technology Studies: Knowledge Systems Vol: 11

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16 Oct 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
278 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Knowledge and Society
This study of science and technology looks at knowledge systems. Topics covered include: mapping encounters and (en)countering maps - a critical examination of cartographic resistance; the intricacies of technology transfer - travel as mode and method; and science, local knowledge and community.
Introduction: knowledge systems (S. Gorenstein). Mapping encounters and (en)countering maps: a critical examination of cartographic resistance (D. Turnbull). Science, local knowledge, and community (J.A. Schumacher). Knowing in action: men's work in the northern forest (M.L. VanderWolk). Expanding medical horizons: the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine (M.C. Miles). Seeing disease like the Fulani: background knowledge and metaschemas for malaria and other problems (A.J. Gordon). Tibetan Buddhist medicine and psychiatry: a perspective from the anthropology of knowledge (J. Barmark). The creation and nature(s) of indigenized psychologies from the perspectives of the anthropology of knowledge (C.M. Allwood). Archaeology of technoscientific language in the discourse of a Muslim engineer/politician (M. Lotfalian). Science as stranger and the worship of the word (W.K. Bauchspies). Intricacies of technology transfer: travel as mode and method (M. de Laet). Here, there, and nowhere at all: distribution, negotiation and virtuality in postmodern ethnography and engineering (S.E. Newman).

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