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Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management Vol: 9

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02 Aug 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
274 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management
This series presents selected research papers dealing with important methodological and theoretical issues in the policy sciences, with research in policy-related disciplines, and applied research on issues in public policy analysis and public management. There is particular emphasis on research related to operations and design issues for governmental organizations.
Introduction - policy fields and win-win thinking, Stuart Nagel. Part 1 Economy policy: profit sharing and job anxiety - moving public policy toward a win-win solution, Daniel J.B. Mitchell; the growth and stability trade off - an application of the Markowitz portfolio theory to the New York City employment mix, Jacques Jiha, Farid Heydarpour. Part 2 Technology policy: super-optimum technology policy - university-industry technology transfer, Dianne Rahm, Veronica Hansen; the misguided response to a failure of management - the Clinton administration's childhood immunization policy, M. Bryna Sanger, Martin A. Levin; complex regulation and the environment - an economist's view, Clifford S. Russell; growth of mobility between ecological constraints and basic human needs, Ekkart Zimmermann. Part 3 Social policy: research evidence on racial/ethnic discrimination and affirmative action in employment, Marc Bendick; misdiagnosing poor people? the psychology of social and economic approaches to poverty, Roger J.R. Levesque; equity and efficiency in school finance, Robert Berne et al. Part 4 Political legal policy: state tax policy options - unbalanced portfolios, Oskar Ragnar et al; urban rioters and tribal warriors - the madding crowd, rationality and justice, Frank Salfer et al. Part 5 Methods, processes and concepts in policy-making: person-centred policy analysis, Dan A. Lewis, Shadd Maruna; inclusive policy analysis, Don Welch.

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