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Research in Public Administration Vol: 5

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22 Nov 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
342 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Research in Public Administration


The papers in this volume focus on the broad issues of public sector reform. They address issue-oriented and comparative research such as: analysis of civil service systems at the theoretical level; reforming the wing of national level governments; the wave of public sector reform that has swept the West over the past fifteen years; a comparison of two recent programs to improve efficiency and legitimacy of government in the US and the Netherlands; the problems of insufficient capacity in managing the public sector; the impediments in the current system of public sector job evaluation in the US; the shortcomings in managerial capacities that currently trouble the European Union; Nicaragua and its struggle for public sector reform; the history of Egyptian civil service; and the development of the Argentine civil service.
List of contributors. From the Series Editor (J.D. White). Editorial statement (J.L. Perry). Studying the development and transformation of civil service systems: processes of de-institutionalization (H.A.J.G.M. Bekke). Leading the horse to water: transnational inducements to administrative reform (B. Nunberg). Public sector reform for building and recasting the welfare state: experiences in western Europe (J.C.N. Raadschelders, T.A.J. Toonen). The quest for a leaner, not a meaner government (G.C. Maas, Jr., F.K.M. Van Nispen). Performance-oriented public sector modernization in developing countries: meeting the implementation challenge (G.J. Reid). Job evaluation: white elephant on the path to public management reform? (L. Recascino Wise). Flexible federalism: the new trajectory of European integration? (L. Metcalfe). A laggard's tale: civil service and administrative reform in the United States (P.W. Ingraham). Development and reform of post-Sandinista Nicaraguan public administration (B.J. Perlman). The Egyptian civil service and the continuing challenge of reform (E.H. Valsan). The Argentine civil service: an unfinished search for identity (O. Oszlak).

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