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Research in Population Economics Vol: 8

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23 Apr 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 160 x 230 x 23mm
Research in Population Economics


This volume discusses a variety of topics in the field of research in population economics, under the headings of the economics of the family in low- and high-income countries, time-series analyses of fertility, and private and public investments in education.
Part 1 Economics of the family in low- and high-income countries: women's choice of work and fertility in urban Tamil Nadu, India, Malathy Duraisamy; economic aspects of child fostering in Cote d'Ivoire, Martha Ainsworth; responses of female labour supply and fertility to the demographic cycle, Evangelos Falaris and H. Elizabeth Peters; the determinants of marital stability - a comparative analysis of first- and higher-order marriages, Evelyn L. Lehrer. Part 2 Time-series analyses of fertility: parental benefits, employment, and fertility dynamics, James R. Walker; an empirical test of the Becker-Barro model of fertility, Daniel A. Seiver and Maureen J. Lage. Part 3 Private and and public investments in education: household composition and expenditures on human capital formation in Kenya, Robert E. Evenson and Germano Mwabu; accounting for public expenditures on education - an international panel study, T. Paul Schultz.

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