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Research in Law and Economics Vol: 25

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25 Sep 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Research in Law and Economics


Since 1979 Research in Law and Economics has been presenting original research that explores the extent to which the constraints of law explain economic behavior and the role of economics in forming the law. The first chapter in this volume proposes three different definitions for market power from an antitrust perspective. Chapter two suggests a new means of measuring market power by moving away from traditional indicators of averaging industry profits. The third chapter is an analysis of efforts exerted and utilities obtained in a double lawsuit. Chapter four surveys recent developments in economics of contract interpretation. The fifth chapter examines the impact of changes in foreign exchange legislation on the levels of R&D undertaken by pharmaceutical firms in India. Chapter six addresses the role of transaction costs in explaining governance in environmental economics can play in helping choose environmental policy tools. The final chapter is an examination of economic evidence relating to the allegations in litigation against cigarette manufacturers.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Market Power Revisited. Accounting Profits and Ricardian Rents: An Application to Antitrust Enforcement. Resource Distribution in a Double Lawsuit. Economics of Contract Interpretation. Legal Regime Change and Innovation: Foreign Exchange Regulations and Pharmaceutical Sector R&D in India. How can Transaction Cost Economics Help Regulators Choose Between Environmental Policy Instruments?. Economic Analysis of Allegations in Cigarette Litigations and the Impact of FTC Regulation. Research in Law and Economics. Research in Law and Economics. Research in Law and Economics. Copyright page.

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