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Research in Labor Economics Vol: 17

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18 Feb 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
412 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Research in Labor Economics


"Research in Labor Economics" focuses on various aspects of labor markets and how these markets affect our well-being. As such, this volume contains eleven chapters: three on labor supply, directly dealing with various aspects of the participation decision; two on human capital, the accumulation of worker skills; three directly on employee earnings; and three on the distribution of earnings throughout society.
Preface (S.W. Polachek). Do financial incentives encourage welfare recipients to work? Evidence from a randomized evaluation of the self-sufficiency project (D. Card, P. Robins). Labor market dynamics and part-time work (R. Blank). Job-satisfaction, wage changes and quits: evidence from Germany (A. Clark, Y. Georgellis and P. Sanfey). Soft-skills and long-run labor market success (G. Duncan, R. Dunifon). English language fluency among immigrants in the United States (B. Chiswick, P. Miller). The anatomy of jumps and falls in wages (M. Moore, W.K. Viscusi and R. Zeckhauser). The effects of labor market experience, job seniority and job mobility on wage growth (J. Altonji, N. Williams). Investments in U. S. education and training as supply responses (J. Mincer). Technology and wage structure: has technology's impact accelerated since the 1970s? (L. Mishel, J. Bernstein). Wage dispersion and institutions: an alternative explanation (C.N. Teulings, J. Hartog). Income inequality and changes in family size (D. Slottje, S. Yitzhaki).

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