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Research in Labor Economics Vol: 33

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26 Sep 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Research in Labor Economics


This volume contains nine original innovative chapters on worker well-being. Three chapters are on time allocated to work and human capital acquisition, three on aspects of risk in the earnings process, two on migration, and finally one on how tax policies affect poverty. Questions answered include: Are more educated women now opting out of work with a higher probability than in the past? Under what circumstances do young adults allocate non-school time to educational pursuits? How do macroeconomic shocks affect labor force participation rates? Can tax policies alleviate poverty? Are workers compensated adequately for taking risks? Do differences in private and public sector earnings affect mobility between the two sectors? And, do migrant parents affect educational decisions of their offspring?
List of Contributors. Preface. Chapter 1 How do Adolescents Spell Time Use? An Alternative Metholological Approach For Analyzing Time-Diary DATA. Chapter 2 The Opt-Out Revolution: Recent Trends in Female Labor Supply. Chapter 3 Female Labor Participation and Occupation Decisions in Post-NAFTA Mexico. Chapter 4 A Risk Augmented Mincer Earnings Equation? Taking Stock. Chapter 5 Workers’ Mobility and the Return to Education, Evidence from Public and Private Sectors. Chapter 6 Foregone Earnings from Smoking: Evidence for a Developing Country. Chapter 7 The Impact of Worker Effort on Public Sentiment Toward Temporary Migrants. Chapter 8 Migrant Networks, Migrant Selection, And High School Graduation In México. Chapter 9 In-Work Transfers in Good Times and Bad: Simulations for Ireland. Chapter 10 Exploring the Determinants of Employment in Europe: The Role of Services. Research in Labor Economics. Research in Labor Economics. Research in Labor Economics. Copyright page.

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