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Research in Finance Vol: 25

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20 Feb 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
Research in Finance


This volume contains contributions on a range of important issues in current research in finance and economics. Topics include the design of a country's financial safety nets, the effective policies of acquiring failed banks in reducing moral hazard problems, the voluntary disclosure of real options by corporate managers, and the interrelationship between the housing and general economic activities. Some important topics such as the choice between stock and options as compensation vehicles in the presence of bankruptcy risk, the NUA tax benefits in asset allocation in the retirement accounts, the heuristic approach of using ri/stdi to select securities in forming efficient portfolio, and the arbitrage opportunity in index options at the initial stage are also included in this volume. Finally, the contributions to this volume also address some problems that include the explanations of risk premiums on futures contracts, the optimal hedging decision in futures markets, and the pricing of Asian options subject to credit risk.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Financial safety nets: Why Do They keep expanding?. A positive analysis of bank failure resolution policies. Bank failure resolution policies and subordinated debt. Voluntary disclosure of real options: When and how it can be done. Non-linear modelling of the relationship between price movements in the OECD housing markets and significant economic activities. Stock or options? An economical justification for using stocks as a compensation tool. The NUA benefit and optimal investment in company stock in 401(k) accounts. Identifying securities to buy: The heuristic ri. Arbitrage opportunities and efficiency of an option market at its initial stage: The case of KOSPI 200 options in Korea. Hedging pressure and delivery risk explanations of futures risk premia. Timing the value-at-risk hedge. The pricing of Asian options with default risk. Research in Finance. Research in Finance. Copyright page.

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