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Research in Finance Vol: 24

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04 Mar 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
334 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Finance


This volume contains contributions on a range of important issues in current research in finance and economics. Topics include the IPO underwriting spreads, the moral hazard problems in bank regulation as well as in the cost of deposit insurance, the loan yield spreads, and the aggregate bank performance at the state-level. The topics in global investments such as diversification benefits, overreaction and seasonality among international stock markets are also included in this volume. The contributions to this volume also address the appropriate asset allocation of hedge funds, the effects of partial hedging in incentive stocks and options, the relation between board size and firm performance, the impact of higher oil prices on stock market returns, and the futures hedging effectiveness with alternative settlement specifications in the contracts. This volume contains articles contributed by leading experts in finance and economics. It includes articles on the hot topics of oil-prices and hedge-funds.
Competition in IPO underwriting: Time series evidence. Can delegating bank regulation to market forces really work?. Internal model-based capital standard and the cost of deposit insurance. Lead lenders and loan pricing. Regional economic conditions and aggregate bank performance. Who benefits more from global diversification? An over-time perspective. Overreaction and seasonality in Asian stock indices: Evidence from Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. A mean-Gini approach to asset allocation involving hedge funds. Incentive stocks and options with trading restrictions: not as restricted as we thought. Board size and firm performance in the property-liability insurance industry. The role of higher oil prices: A case of major developed countries. The futures hedging effectiveness with liquidity risk under alternative settlement specifications. Introduction. List of Contributors. Edited by. Copyright page.

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