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Research in Finance Vol: 17

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22 Nov 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
310 pages - 150 x 230 x 30mm
Research in Finance


This is the 17th volume in a series examining research in finance.
List of contributors. Dividend smoothing and stock valuation: an appraisal of variance bounds tests (Yoon Dokko). Divided omissions and forecasts of future earnings: some positive evidence on information content of dividends (M. Bajaj). An empirical analysis of the effects of the FDICIA of 1991 on commercial banks (A.H. Chen, M. Millon Cornett and S.C. Mazumdar and H. Tehranian). Information content in bank lines of credit: evidence from the lender's perspective (R.P. DeGennaro, F.A. Elayan and J.W. Wansley). Regime-switching events studies: an application to commercial bank stock re-purchases (S. Kane, R. Susmel). An accurate analysis of vulnerable loan guarantees (Van Son Lai, Min-TehYu). Deposit insurance, stochastic interest rates, and the regulation of depository institutions (K.T. Au, S.A. Dennis and D.C. Thurston). Self tender offers: free cash flow or signalling? (Sangphil Kim, Meng Rui). An analysis of the product-liability costs borne by prescription drug manufacturers (D.C. Malone, K.L. Rascati and J.D. Martin). The investment management of promotion expenditures (J.B. White, M.P. Miles and W.B. Levernier). Accounting earnings and firm evaluation: the implication of overinvestment (A.I. Duru, R.J. Lyengar). The effect of dual trading on market depth in the S&P 500 futures contract (Hun Y. Park, A. Sarkar). Volume inelasticity in physical commodity markets (M. Dalvi, R. Goon and V. Massaro). The nonexistence of efficient portfolios and its implication for testing the capital asset pricing model (Chang Mo Ahn, J.D. Stanley). The effects of financial liberalization on allocative efficiency: some evidence from Taiwan (Soushan Wu, Sherry Lin, and T.C. Tseng). The impact off-balance sheet derivatives and interest rate swaps on bank risk (M.K. Chaudhry, A.K. Reichert).

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