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Recent Explorations in Biology and Politics Vol: 5

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18 Nov 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
432 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Research in Biopolitics


The study of biology and politics examines the linkage between the life sciences (broadly defined) and politics. Among biological areas from which these linkages are drawn include: human ethology; socio-biology; ethology; genetics; evolutionary theory; neurosciences; biotechnology; and, bioethics amongst others. These knowledge arenas are used to illuminate policy choices (biopolicy), political behaviour, leadership behaviour, international politics, and political philosophy, amongst others. Topics covered by this volume include human nature in the theory and practice of modern international relations; decision-making under uncertainty; political culture and AIDS policy; and, emerging political leadership in young adults.
Part 1 Biobehavioural research: oral argument in Supreme Court decision-making, Glendon Schubert; Marxist guerillas, Francis Moran; the Balkanized global village, Elliott White; birth order and female federal judges, Albert Somit et al; the evolutionary critique of culturalism, N. Patrick Peritore; insights on distributive policy from an analysis of the NIH research budget and from biocultural science, Arlen Carey and Lauressa Nelson; human nature in the theory and practice of modern international relations, Vincent S.E. Falger; health status and political behaviour among the elderly, Steven A. Peterson and Robert J. Maiden; decision-making under uncertainty, Patrick A. Stewart; emerging political leadership in young adults, J. David Ivers; comparing approaches to human coalition behaviour, J. Michael Tweed. Part 2 Studies in biopolicy: bio-political economy, Peter A. Corning; biopolitics in Russia and prospects for the future, Alexander V. Oleskin and Roger D. Masters; political culture and AIDS policy, James N. Schubert; school-based AIDS involvement and street level bureaucrats, Steven A. Peterson and Amy M. Brofcak; a biopolitical view of workplace diversity, Vidu Soni; will Canada and the USA break up like the USSR?, J. Philippe Rushton; eugenics - economics for the long run, Edward M. Miller.

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