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Recent Developments in Neuroscience Research on Human Motivation Vol: 19

Sung-il Kim
Korea University, South Korea

Johnmarshall Reeve
Korea University, South Korea

Mimi Bong
Korea University, South Korea

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13 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 152 x 229 x 18mm
Advances in Motivation and Achievement
The phenomena of motivation cannot be studied separately as an independent research topic because motivation is highly interrelated to cognition, emotion, learning, and decision-making process. The overarching aim of this volume, therefore, is to provide new insight into a unified grand theory of motivation by integrating noteworthy neuroscience research findings on motivation. This volume is dedicated to advancing our understanding of brain mechanisms of underlying various motivational phenomena, including reward, approach, autonomy, intrinsic motivation, learning, effort, curiosity, and self-control. The volume is divided into four parts: The first part introduces classical but fundamental issues such as reward, approach, and individual differences. The second part deals with intrinsic motivation including autonomy and curiosity. The third one examines recent approaches on the interface between motivation and cognition in learning and decision-making. The last part focuses on practically significant issues pertaining to self-regulation development.
Introduction To Motivational Neuroscience - Sung-il Kim, Johnmarshall Reeve and Mimi Bong PART I: REWARD AND APPROACH Neuroscience Of Reward, Motivation, And Drive - Morten L. Kringelbach and Kent C. Berridge On The Neuroscience Of Approach And Withdrawal Motivation, With A Focus On The Role Of Asymmetrical Frontal Cortical Activity - Douglas Jozef Angus and Eddie Harmon-Jones Neuroscience Of Motivation And Organizational Behavior: Putting The Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (RST) To Work - Philip J. Corr, Neil McNaughton, Margaret R. Wilson, Ann Hutchison, Giles Burch and Arthur Poropat PART II: INTRINSIC MOTIVATION “Your Choice” Motivates You In The Brain: The Emergence Of Autonomy Neuroscience - Kou Murayama, Keise Izuma, Ryuta Aoki and Kenji Matsumoto Insular Cortex Activity As The Neural Base Of Intrinsic Motivation - Woogul Lee Motivated Cognition: Neural And Computational Mechanisms Of Curiosity, Attention, And Intrinsic Motivation - Jacqueline Gottlieb, Manuel Lopes and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer PART III: MOTIVATION AND LEARNING The Role Of Feedback In Learning And Motivation - Elizabeth Tricomi and Samantha DePasque Motivational Influences On Memory - Vishnu P. Murty and Kathryn C. Dickerson Neurobiology Of Effort And The Role Of Mesolimbic Dopamine - John D. Salamone and Mercè Correa PART IV: SELF-REGULATION Hormones And Affect In Adolescent Decision Making - Corinna Laube and Wouter van den Bos Too Much Of A Good Thing: A Neuro-Dynamic Personality Model Explaining Engagement And Its Protective Inhibition - Mattie Tops, Jesús Montero-Marín and Markus Quirin Children's Inhibitory Control When Facing Negative Emotions - Tali Farbiash and Andrea Berger Epilogue distinct motivations and their differentiated mechanisms: reflections on The emerging neuroscience of human motivation - Richard M. Ryan and Stefano I. Di Domenico
Sung-Il Kim, Korea University, Seoul, Korea Johnmarshall Reeve, Korea University, Seoul, Korea Mimi Bong, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
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