Reality Television: The TV Phenomenon that Changed the World

Ruth A. Deller
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

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25 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 129 x 198mm
Reality television is one of the defining genres of the 21st century. It is shown worldwide, features people from all walks of life and covers everything from romance to religion. It has not only changed television, but every other area of the media. 

So why has reality TV become such a huge phenomenon, and what is its future in an age of streaming and social media? 

This book provides an overview of key theories and debates in the study of reality television and discusses industry practices in their global and national contexts. Deller also explores, through interviews with participants and analyses of key programmes, why people take part in reality TV, how they are represented and impact this has on their lives. 

From its documentary roots to its social media present and future - this is a guide to Reality Television: The TV Phenomenon that Changed the World.
Chapter 1. Understanding Reality TV 
Chapter 2. How Reality TV Changed the World 
Chapter 3. The Business of Reality TV 
Chapter 4. What Happens in Reality TV? 
Chapter 5. Reality TV and Celebrity 
Chapter 6. Reality TV in an Age of Social Media
Ruth A. Deller is a Reader in Media and Communication at Sheffield Hallam University. She has published widely on a range of topics including: reality and factual television; fan and audience studies; media representations of gender and religion; and more. She is on the editorial board of Celebrity Studies journal and has edited special issues of Sexualities (with Bethan Jones and Sarah Harman) and the International Journal of Cultural Studies (with Feona Attwood).

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