Real Time Strategy: When Strategic Foresight Meets Artificial Intelligence

Andreas Schühly
Deloitte, Germany

Frank Becker
Deloitte, Germany

Florian Klein
Deloitte, Germany

Product Details
29 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229mm


In today's world, decision makers struggle to make good long-term decisions. There is simply too much volatility, too much complexity, too much fake news, and too little time to make sense of all the information that is at our fingertips. We are drowning in data, surrounded by uncertainty and thus live in a world that lacks clarity.
Moving away from the static thinking of many strategists, this book updates and upholds the importance of scenario design and thinking in the face of uncertainty. The authors investigate the journey of the art and science of scenario thinking, from its beginnings in the military to becoming a part of the mainstream strategy toolkit in the business world. Delving into the new frontiers of scenario thinking and planning, the book explores topics such as:
  • Human intuition
  • The analysis and reflection process
  • Hybrid decision platforms
  • Social media sensing
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Combining classical scenario thinking (the gentle art of perception) with the analytical power of big data and artificial intelligence, Real Time Strategy presents the decision making of the future which enables decision makers to develop dynamic strategies, monitor their validity, and react faster.
    An Initial Reflection 
    Chapter 1. Three Cheers to Uncertainty 
    Chapter 2. The Validity of Scenario Planning 
    Chapter 3. The Traditional Scenario Planning Process 
    Chapter 4. How the Scenario Process is Changing 
    Chapter 5. Superpower for Strategists 
    Chapter 6. Real-time Scenario Modelling 
    Chapter 7. Conclusion
    Andreas Schühly is a strategy consultant, supporting corporations across the globe in developing future-proof strategies. In addition to applying scenarios in practice, he analyzes the cultural sensitivity of strategic management as part of his academic research.
    Frank Becker is a strategist and complexity scientist. He leads the innovation for a major Artificial Intelligence platform, where he combines deep technical expertise with the problem-solving mindset of a strategist.
    Florian Klein is a corporate strategist and futures thinker. He founded the Center for the Long View and works with senior decision makers of global corporations and governments on the creation of robust strategies today, in light of an uncertain tomorrow.

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