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Race and Ethnicity in New York City Vol: 7

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14 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
316 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Urban Sociology


American cities are today more diverse than at any time in history. The continuing flow of new immigrants has settled in urban and suburban areas that have undergone visible change in population and neighborhoods. While Chicago long served as the convenient and well-studied model for urban sociology, for many Los Angeles has become the focal point for study of the postmodern heteropolis. It is interesting that for sociologists New York City, especially its outer boroughs such as Brooklyn and Queens, has largely remained outside the intense gaze of urban study. As the nation's largest city New York has long had a mosaic of social worlds comparable to that of Chicago, and displays an ethnic diversity comparable to that of Los Angeles.Because New York City presents us with a less easily recognizable mosaic and a more free form scattering of ethnic social spaces, it is seldom thought of as a pre or post-modern "model" for other metropolitan areas. The eight articles presented in this volume represent both older and established ethnic and racial communities as well as new and emerging groups in New York City. These include Italian communities, African American, as well as newer Jewish, Caribbean, and Asian groups.
Introduction. (J. Krase, R. Hutchison). Visualizing Ethnic Vernacular Landscapes. (J. Krase). Immigrant Global Neighborhoods in New York City. (T. Hum). The Muslim Chronopolis and Diasporic Temporality. (M.S. Laguerre). 'The game behind the game': Spatial Politics and Spike Lee's_He Got Game_. (J. Geiger). Being Racialized Ethnics: Second Generation West Indian Immigrants in New York City. (S-A. P. Butterfield). Titi Yeya's Memories: A Matriarch of the Puerto Rican Migration. (D.A. Badillo). The Decline of the Public Sphere: A Semiotic Analysis of the Rhetoric of Race in New York City. (T. Shortell). Emergent African Immigrant Philanthropy in New York City. (M.O. Okome). Relations Between the Jewish and Caribbean American Communities in New York City: Perceptions, Conflict and Cooperation. (H. Henke, J.A.G. Irish). The Caribbean Nation-State in Brooklyn Politics: An Examination of The Una Clarke Major Owens Congressional Race. (E. Brown). Little Italy: Resisting the Asian Invasion, 1965-1995. (P.F. Napoli). Changing Racial Conceptualizations: Greek Americans in New York City.(A. Karpathakis, V. Roudometof).

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