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Quantifying Consumer Preferences Vol: 288

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21 May 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 152 x 229 x 36mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


This volume presents straightforward, innovative research on the estimation of demand systems and the measurement of consumer preferences. Demand studies and understanding consumer behavior remain two of the most important areas of analysis by practicing applied economists and econometricians. This volume also offers state of the art research in demand analysis, using modern econometric tools to analyze consumer behavior and estimate demand relationships for well known demand systems. This book will be aimed at a broad audience of economists and other social scientists; including generalists, graduate students, private sector economists and others.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Chapter 1 Measuring Consumer Preferences and Estimating Demand Systems. Chapter 2 The Almost Ideal and Translog Demand Systems. Chapter 3 The Differential Approach to Demand Analysis and the Rotterdam Model. Chapter 4 The Generalized Quadratic Expenditure System. Chapter 5 The GFT Utility Function. Chapter 6 The Normalized Quadratic Expenditure Function. Chapter 7 EASI Made Easier. Chapter 8 Cost of Living Indexes and Exact Index Numbers. Chapter 9 The Revealed Preference Approach to Demand. Chapter 10 Developments in Nonparametric Demand Analysis: Heterogeneity and Nonparametrics. Chapter 11 Modelling International Tourist Arrivals and Volatility: An Application to Taiwan. Chapter 12 Estimating the Demand for Quality with Discrete Choice Models. Chapter 13 The Construction and Estimation of Equivalence Scales and Their Uses. Chapter 14 The Use of Restricted Regressions in Estimating Demand Systems. Contributions to Economic Analysis. Quantifying consumer preferences. Copyright page. Subject Index. List of Figures. List of Tables.

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