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Qualitative Housing Analysis: an International Perspective Vol: 10

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13 Oct 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
180 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Studies in Qualitative Methodology


This new volume provides a theoretical and empirical perspective on the value, potential and contribution that qualitative research methodologies bring to the analysis of housing policy issues within an international context. This encompasses key housing issues, including: the meaning and significance of home; homelessness; resident participation; housing renewal and gentrification; socially mixed housing communities; Irish Gypsies; and post-apartheid housing policies. The book also includes discussion of specific methodological challenges and ethical dilemmas faced by researchers (and policy-makers). The book's core strength lies in its ability to showcase the versatility and practical application of qualitative research in housing studies.
Chapter 1 Qualitative housing analysis: A meta-framework for systematising qualitative research. Chapter 2 House and home: methodology and methods for exploring meaning and structure. Chapter 3 Reinterpreting the research path: using qualitative methods in homelessness research. Chapter 4 ‘Felt homelessness’: the contribution of qualitative approaches to homelessness research. Chapter 5 Residents, interviewees, class representatives? Reflections on the use of qualitative interviews in knowing the worlds of gentrification. Chapter 6 Building back better in Sri Lanka: a mixed method approach to comparative policy evaluation. Chapter 7 Accommodating gypsy/travellers: inclusive approaches for collaborative and peer-led research with gypsy travellers. Chapter 8 Environmental quality, housing and city residents: a sensory urbanism approach. Chapter 9 The role of qualitative research in identifying residents' perspectives about social mix. Chapter 10 Methodological consequences of inclusive community development: the value of ethnography for housing studies. Chapter 11 Grounding theory in intergenerational citizen participation: a grounded theory approach in the context of public housing research. Chapter 12 Ethnography and housing studies revisited. List of Contributors. Studies in Qualitative Methodology. Qualitative housing analysis: An international perspective. Copyright page.

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