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Pushing the Boundaries: Multiteam Systems in Research and Practice Vol: 16

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29 Sep 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Research on Managing Groups and Teams
The latest volume of Research in Managing Groups and Teams focuses on multiteam systems (MTSs), or systems of interdependent teams working toward a shared goal. MTSs have become a growing area of interest in organizational research, primarily due to their growing prominence in organizational settings. However, while MTS implementation is rampant in the field, the majority of research to date has been conducted in laboratory settings, which may not always effectively address the rapidly changing needs of field MTSs. This book brings current, real world MTS issues and problems to the forefront while highlighting existing research across disciplines which may help to address these issues. The volume takes a unique approach in addressing the practical and research needs of understanding multiteam systems by highlighting real world issues via case studies presented by practitioners. Themes highlighted in terms of both practical issues and future research needs include the development and composition of MTSs, critical processes such as leadership and communication, and outcomes of both successful and unsuccessful MTSs.
A Look into the Challenging World of MTS Data Collection. Pushing the Boundaries of Multiteam Systems in Research and Practice: An Introduction. Improving Patient Safety and Care Quality: A Multiteam System Perspective. No Mission Too Difficult: Army Units within Exponentially Complex Multiteam Systems. Understanding Patient Care as a Multiteam System. Coordinating Mechanisms for Multiteam Systems: A Case Study from the Petroleum Industry. Multiteam Systems in the Spaceflight Context: Current and Future Challenges. Understanding Multiteam Systems in Emergency Care: One Case at a Time. Getting the “I” Out of Multiteam Systems: A Case Study from the Financial Services Industry. Multi-Crew Responses to a Structure Fire: Challenges of Multiteam Systems in a Tragic Fire Response Context. The Future of Multiteam Systems: Implications for Research and Practice. Pushing the Boundaries: Multiteam Systems in Research and Practice. Research on Managing Groups and Teams. Pushing the Boundaries: Multiteam Systems in Research and Practice. Copyright page. Multiteam Systems in Large-Scale Disaster Recovery. List of Contributors.

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