Punk, Gender and Ageing: Just Typical Girls?

Laura Way
University of Lincoln, UK

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14 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229mm


Punk has traditionally been theorised within cultural studies and sociology as a male-dominated subculture within which women are marginalized. In line with feminist research values and epistemologies, Punk, Gender and Ageing gives voice to a previously marginalised sample: ageing punk women. 

This is the first book to focus solely on the experiences of older punk women, going beyond recent scholarship on post-youth subcultural involvement which has demonstrated a limited exploration of the interplay between age, gender and subculture. Through areas such as music and dress, the author considers how ageing punk women continue to retain punk as significant in their lives. 

Making a new and exciting contribution to a still developing field, this book, combining ageing, music subcultures and gender, will appeal to both students and scholars interested in subcultures as well as those looking at the sociology of gender and ageing.
Chapter 1. Playing A-Minor in the Punk Scene or All Girls to the Front? An Introduction
Chapter 2. Definitions, or, ‘what’ and ‘who’ is punk?
Chapter 3. Doing’ Punk: Dress
Chapter 4. Doing’ Punk: The Role of Music and its Continued Significance
Chapter 5. Doing Punk: Music in the Context of Gig Attendance 
Chapter 6. Ageing, Adulthood and Punk 
Chapter 7. Conclusion: Punk Women Growing Old Disgracefully?
Laura Way works as a Research Fellow with the University of Lincoln on an in-depth project focused on young fathers. An experienced teacher, Laura holds a Fellowship with the HEA and has published on her experiences with punk pedagogies. Laura is a steering committee member of the Punk Scholars Network. 

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