Public Relations and the Power of Creativity: Strategic Opportunities, Innovation and Critical Challenges Vol: 3

Sarah Bowman
Northumbria University, UK

Adrian Crookes
University of Arts London, UK

Øyvind Ihlen
Oslo University, Norway

Stefania Romenti
IULM University, Italy

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04 Oct 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Public Relations and Communication Management
Creativity is the development and use of imagination to solve current challenges or create innovative ideas for the future. The complexity and challenges of the contemporary world arguably require increasing levels of creativity and innovation to manage the disruptive forces at work and build a prosperous and sustainable global society.

Public relations is often seen as the discipline that amplifies creative ideas developed by other sectors, but this is changing. With the blurring of lines among creative industries, organisations are increasingly turning to PR to generate the ‘big ideas’ at the heart of effective communication.

This volume gathers 12 outstanding contributions from scholars based in Germany, Finland, Austria, Romania, the UK, Spain, France, Norway, Turkey and the USA. Taken together, the chapters demonstrate a range of possibilities for creative thinking about public relations management and collaboration in different settings and with different purposes. The chapters hint at opportunities, point towards innovation, and challenge our thinking about the power of creativity.

The Power of Listening in Corporate Communications. Theoretical Foundations of Corporate Listening as a Strategic Mode of Communication; Maria Borner and Ansgar Zerfass
Fostering Creative Interdisciplinarity: Building Bridges between Ethical Leadership and Leaders’ Interpersonal Communication Competence; Anne Laajalahti
Communicative leaders, creative followers? Tiina Weman and Helena Kantanen,
Public Relations and Communication in Education: Is Creativity the Opposite of Knowledge? Effects of Knowledge Transfer on the Development of Creativity. An Austrian Empirical Study Comparing Three Education Types; Astrid Spatzier and Jessica Breu
The Role of Trust and Intrinsic Motivation in Enhancing Participation and Creativity in Crowdsourcing Communities; Diana-Maria Cismaru and Raluca-Silvia Ciochina
Co-creation of Knowledge for Innovation Requires Multi-Stakeholder Public Relations; Harri Ilmari Ruoslahti
Collaborative Creativity, Leadership and Public Relations: Identifying and Addressing Research Limitations; Paul Willis and Elisenda Estanyol 
Beyond the Cultural Turn: A Critical Perspective on Culture-Discourse within Public Relations; Alexander Frame and Øyvind Ihlen
2,000 Years of Visual Storytelling. Alternative Approaches for Visual Communication of Christian Churches in the Age of Social Media; Ute Hilgers-Yilmaz, Ralf Spiller and Christof Breidenich
Creativity in Public Relations: What do Award Winning Campaign Tell Us? Pinar Aslan and Tugce Ertem-Eray
Opportunities for Strategic Public Relations – Evaluation of International Research and Innovation Project Dissemination; Kristina Henriksson, Harri Ilmari Ruoslahti and Kirsi Hyttinen
Let Me Draw Your Attention to. …: Exploring the Potentials of Visual Methods for Strategic Internal Communication Management; Melanie Malczok
Sarah Bowman is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, UK. Her research interest include public affairs, ethical practice, competencies, and visual, spatial and affective practice.
Adrian Crookes is the Programme Director for the Communications and Media courses at London College of Communication, University of Arts London, UK, which includes advertising, media communications, media cultures, and public relations at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Øyvind Ihlen is a Professor in the Department of Media and Communication (IMK) at the University of Oslo, Norway. His research focuses in particular on the strategic communication of political issues.
Stefania Romenti is Associate Professor and Chair in Strategic Communication at Università IULM, Milan, Italy and Adjunct Professor of Communication Measurement at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain. Her research interests include communication measurement, reputation management and stakeholder engagement.

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