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Protest, Social Movements, and Global Democracy since 2011: New Perspectives Vol: 39

Thomas Davies
City University London, UK

Holly Eva Ryan
University of Sheffield, UK

Alejandro Milcíades Peña
University of York, UK

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14 Jun 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
In light of the limited achievements of the Arab Spring and other pro-democracy movements, volume 39 examines and unpacks arguments that these protests represent both a new phase and new prospects for democratic mobilization. The volume engages with new theoretical and methodological perspectives and illuminates novel aspects of transnational social movement dynamics, such as the evolving role of information technology, deterritorialisation and government counter-responses.
Protest, Social Movements and Global Democracy Since 2011: New Perspectives - Thomas Davies, Holly Eva Ryan and Alejandro Milc?ades Pena Do Issues Matter? Anti-Austerity Protests’ Composition, Values, and Action Repertoires Compared - Maria T. Grasso and Marco Giugni Occupying Organization: Space as Organizational Resource in Occupy Wall Street - Gianmarco Savio Protest and Recognition in the Bulgarian Summer 2013 Movement - Delia Hallberg and Marinus Ossewaarde Challenging the Gospel of Neoliberalism? Civil Society Opposition to Mining in Armenia - Armine Ishkanian Transnational Resistance Networks: New Democratic Prospects? The Lyon-Turin Railway and No TAV Movement - Lisa Ariemma and Judith Burnside-Lawry When Social Movements Become a Democratizing Force: The Political Impact of the Student Movement in Chile - Sofia Donoso Religion and Political Activism in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia - Anna Grasso Anarchy or Utopia? Turkish Media Representation of the Gezi Park Protests - Zeynep Cihan Koca-Helvac? Saudi Intervention, Sectarianism, and De-Democratization in Bahrain’s Uprising - Marc Owen Jones
Edited by Thomas Davies, Department of International Politics, City University, London, UK Holly Eva Ryan, Crick Centre, University of Sheffield, UK Alejandro Milciades Pena, Department of Politics, University of York, UK

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