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Promotion, Recruitment and Retention of Members in Nonprofit Organizations

Cecilia Isabel Calderón Valencia
Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico

Judith Cavazos-Arroyo
Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico

Alfonso López-Lira Arjona
Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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08 Feb 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
150 pages - 152 x 229mm
Although research on the value of membership of Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) is increasing, there remain few theoretical and empirical advances in this area. Addressing this gap, this book offers a fresh perspective, exploring how NPOs’ survival is linked to the promotion, recruitment and retention of members. 

Highlighting the critical role of NPO members in creating value in the pursuit of its missions, this book demonstrates how NPOs must promote active participation and empowerment of its members to facilitate fund raising, financial administration, and the pursuit of alliances. Providing a road map for improvement in recruiting and retention processes, the authors also showcase the development of strategies to motivate potential members and donors, and the part played by the commitment of the board in the achievement of the NPO’s social mission. 

In today’s global world, this book is insightful reading for those interested in using coordinated action to navigate adverse scenarios. Written primarily for NPO managers who aim to proactively engage their members in the creation of social value, it is also a valuable resource for researchers interested in the underlying foundations of NPO membership.
Chapter 1. The Nature of Membership in Nonprofit Organizations. 
Chapter 2. Towards Value for Members of Nonprofit Organizations. 
Chapter 3. Donor and Member Funds. 
Chapter 4. Recruiting and Retaining Members. 
Chapter 5. Social Capital From Non-Traditional Partners. 
Chapter 6. Sustainable Development and A Perspective to Nonprofit Organizations.
Cecilia Isabel Calderón-Valencia is a Research Professor at UPAEP University, Mexico. She teaches Marketing Management, Marketing Metrics and Research Methodology. She is a leading consultant in Marketing Management. 

Judith Cavazos-Arroyo is Professor at the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Centre at UPAEP University, Mexico. Her research focuses mainly on issues of social marketing and social innovation. 

Alfonso López-Lira Arjona is a leading consultant and Research Professor in management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a national accredited researcher, he in interested in business growth and organizational innovation.

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