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Project-Based Organizing and Strategic Management Vol: 28

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12 Oct 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
541 pages - 156 x 234 x 50mm
Advances in Strategic Management


This volume is designed to renew, stimulate and facilitate discussion about project-based organizations (PBOs) and how they increasingly pervade business dimensions, from R&D and new product development, to the production of complex capital goods and implementation of organizational change across very different industries such as management consulting, engineering or entertainment. Contributors analyze PBOs as firms, units or networks of firms set up to complete a specific assignment, as well as address the evolution from traditional operations-driven project management, to the strategic role of projects in delivering innovation and organizational change, and the implications for research and teaching. The volume brings together scholars with a diverse theoretical background and using a wealth of methodological approaches in studying PBOs. It focuses on theoretical frameworks for understanding PBOs through different lenses, looks at learning at the individual, team and organizational levels in temporary organizational structures, investigates current issues related to projects and networks, and identifies new areas for future research.
List of Contributors. About the Editors. Project-Based Organizing and Strategic Management: A Long-Term Research Agenda on Temporary Organizational Forms. Innovation in Complex Products and Systems: Implications for Project-Based Organizing. Varieties of Cooperative Strategy in Project Based Organizing: The Case of International Motion Picture Co-Production. Temporary Modes of Project-Based Organization within Evolving Organizational Forms: Insights from Oticon's Experiment with the Spaghetti Organization. Projects, Paradigms and Predictability. Organizational Learning Implications of Partnering Flexibility in Project-Venture Settings: A Multilevel Framework. Terminating Institutionalized Termination: Why SEMATECH became More than a Temporary System. Project Management: Learning by Violating Principles. Projects, Project Capabilities and Project Organizations. Strategy and Capabilities in the P-form Corporation: Linking Strategic Direction with Organizational Capabilities. Strategic Responses to Standardization: Embrace, Extend or Extinguish?. Shared Leadership Functions in Geographically Dispersed Project Teams. Staying Local or Reaching Globally? Analyzing Structural Characteristics of Project-Based Networks in German Biotech. A Model of. Reconsidering Ambidexterity at the Individual Level: A Social Network Perspective. Toward a Projects as Events Perspective. Institutional Dynamics of Project-Based Creative Organizations: Irving Thalberg and the Hollywood Studio System. Temporary Identities: Hybridity and the Construction of Identities in the U.S. Feature Film Industry. Projects of Passion: Lessons for Strategy from Temporary Art. About the Authors. Project-Based Organizing and Strategic Management. Advances in Strategic Management. Advances in Strategic Management. Copyright page.

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