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Preparing Teachers to Teach the STEM Disciplines in America’s Urban Schools Vol: 35

Cheryl J. Craig
Texas A&M University, USA

Paige K. Evans
University of Houston, USA

Donna W. Stokes
University of Houston, USA

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12 Apr 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Research on Teaching
Bridging a gap in the literature by offering a comprehensive look at how STEM teacher education programs evolve over time, this book explores teachHOUSTON, a designer teacher education program created to respond to the lack of adequately prepared STEM teachers in Houston and the emerging urban school districts that surround it. 

Providing a systematic investigation of how prospective STEM educators are cultivated to be subject matter specialists and culturally relevant teachers, the authors of this volume delve into the academic, professional and personal perspectives of teacher experiences to emphasise the impact on prospective and unfurling teaching careers. The topics include the influence of parents, teachers and professors on educator development and how internships function as a form of professional development, in addition to the influence of National Science Foundation-funded STEM scholarships on the careers and lives of the teachHOUSTON graduates. Because STEM education is vital to human and economic prosperity, this volume is of interest to both national and international readers.
Chapter 1. Overview of the book; Cheryl J. Craig, Paige K. Evans, and Donna W. Stokes
Chapter 2. Overview of the teach HOUSTON program; Paige K. Evans, Cheryl J. Craig, Donna W. Stokes, and Jeffrey Morgan
Chapter 3. Collaboration between a physics professor and a physics teacher/teacher educator; Donna W. Stokes, Paige K. Evans, and Cheryl J. Craig
Chapter 4. A narrative inquiry into teaching physics as inquiry: one teacher's journey; Paige K. Evans, Donna W. Stokes, and Cheryl J. Craig
Chapter 5. Enhancing preservice teacher preparation through formal and informal learning experiences; Donna W. Stokes and Paige K. Evans
Chapter 6. Examining the impact of informal experiences on preservice teachers' self-efficacy; Paige K. Evans, Leah McAlister Shields, Mariam Manuel, Donna W. Stokes, Ha Nguyen, and Cheryl J. Craig
Chapter 7. Parents' influence on undergraduate and graduate students' entering the STEM disciplines and STEM careers; Cheryl J. Craig, Rakesh Verma, Donna W. Stokes, Paige K. Evans, and Bobby Abrol
Chapter 8. In praise of Unsung Teachers: teachers' influences on students enrolling in STEM Programs with the Intent of Entering STEM CareersCheryl J. Craig, Paige K. Evans, Rakesh Verma, Donna W. Stokes, and Jing Li
Chapter 9. The influence of professors on students enrolled in the STEM programs with the intent of embarking on STEM career; Jing Li, Paige K. Evans, Cheryl J. Craig, Donna W. Stokes, Rakesh Verma, and Gang Zhu
Chapter 10. The value of STEM scholarship grants to undergraduate and graduate students intending to study the STEM disciplines and pursue STEM careers;Jing Li, Cheryl J. Craig, Tenesha Gale, Michele Norton, Gang Zhu, Paige K. Evans, Donna W. Stokes, and Rakesh Verma
Chapter 11. Where are the teach HOUSTON preservice candidates now? Are they still in the urban teacher force?; Paige K. Evans, Mariam Manuel, Ha Nguyen, Donna W. Stokes, Cheryl J. Craig, Xiao Han, and Jeffrey Morgan
Chapter 12. Final words; Cheryl J. Craig, Paige K. Evans, and Donna W. Stokes
Cheryl J. Craig is a Professor, the Houston Endowment Endowed Chair of Urban Education and the Chair of Technology and Teacher Education at Texas A&M University, USA. 

Paige K. Evans is a Clinical Professor and the Associate Director of the teachHOUSTON program at the University of Houston (UH), USA. 

Donna W. Stokes is a Professor of Physics and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Student Success in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Houston (UH), USA.
'This is a remarkable book, a must read for everyone interested in STEM teacher education, science educator-scientist collaborations, teaching science as inquiry, and formal and informal learning.' - Zongyi Deng, Professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy UCL Institute of Education, University College London

'The suite of topics addressed in this volume is extensive and informative, making this book essential to those wanting to develop or enhance a STEM teacher education program.' - Sherry Southerland, Anne & John Daves Professor of Science Education, Director, School of Teacher Education, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

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