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Postcolonial Sociology Vol: 24

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27 Feb 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
341 pages - 160 x 231 x 33mm
Political Power and Social Theory


Postcolonial theory has enjoyed wide influence in the humanities but for social science, and in particular sociology, its implications remain elusive. This special volume brings together leading sociologists to explore the concept of "postcolonial sociology," with brand new postcolonial readings of canonical thinkers like Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and Robert Park. Chapters consider whether or not postcolonial theory is compatible with sociology; explore the relationship between knowledge and colonial power; and offer critical perspectives on the sociology of race and the implications of postcolonial theory for global sociology. They also unravel the complex entanglements of sociology, area studies, and postcolonial studies; give creative deployments of postcolonial concepts such as hybridity; and critical excavations of sociological thought in India and Mexico. In so doing this volume is among the first to craft newsociologies informed by postcolonial criticism.
List of Contributors. Senior Editorial Board. Student Editorial Board. Editorial Statement. Editor's introduction. Introduction: Entangling Postcoloniality and Sociological Thought. The Colonial Unconscious of Classical Sociology. “From the Standpoint of Germanism”: A Postcolonial Critique of Weber's Theory of Race and Ethnicity. Common Skies and Divided Horizons? Sociology, Race, and Postcolonial Studies. Postcolonial Critique: The Necessity of Sociology. “Provincializing” Sociology: The Case of a Premature Postcolonial Sociologist. Toward a Postcolonial Sociology in the Work of Octavio Paz. Toward a Postcolonial Sociology: The View from Latin America. The Violences of Knowledge: Edward Said, Sociology, and Post-Orientalist Reflexivity. Hybrid Habitus: Toward a Post-Colonial Theory of Practice. The Possibilities of, and for, Global Sociology: A Postcolonial Perspective. Postcolonial Sociology. Political power and social theory. Political power and social theory. Copyright page.

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