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Postcolonial Sociologies: A Reader Vol: 31

Julian Go
Boston University, USA

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26 Aug 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229 x 16mm
Political Power and Social Theory


Postcolonial theory has mostly been confined to literary studies and the humanities, but it has been slowly making its way into social science. This is a welcome development but poses new challenges. How can postcolonial thought be most fruitfully translated and incorporated into sociology? This special volume brings together leading sociologists to offer some answers and examples. The chapters offer new postcolonial readings of canonical thinkers like Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and Robert Park; consider whether or not postcolonial theory is compatible with sociology; explore the relationship between knowledge and colonial power; offer critical perspectives on the sociology of race; ponder the implications of postcolonial theory for global sociology; creatively employ postcolonial concepts such as hybridity; and excavate the social theories of occluded thinkers in India. This volume will be an important guide for scholars and students in the social sciences who are interested in what postcolonial thought has to offer.
Introduction: Sociology and Postcoloniality - Julian Go The Colonial Unconscious of Classical Sociology - Steven Seidman “From the Standpoint of Germanism”: A Postcolonial Critique of Weber’s Theory of Race and Ethnicity - Manuela Boatca Common Skies and Divided Horizons? Sociology, Race, and Postcolonial Studies - Zine Magubane The Violences of Knowledge: Edward Said, Sociology, and Post-Orientalist Reflexivity - Jeffrey Guhin and Jonathan Wyrtzen Neo-Bourdieusian Theory and the Question of Scientific Autonomy: German Sociologists and Empire, 1890s-1940s - George Steinmetz “Provincializing” Sociology: The Case of a Premature Postcolonial Sociologist - Manu Goswami Hybrid Habitus: Toward a Post-Colonial Theory of Practice - Claire Laurier Decoteau The Possibilities of, and for, Global Sociology: A Postcolonial Perspective - Gurminder K. Bhambra Parameters of a Postcolonial Sociology of the Ottoman Empire - Fatma Mugegocek
Edited by Julian Go, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA

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