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Population-Level Learning and Industry Change Vol: 16

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23 Sep 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
328 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Strategic Management


Any system for giving good advice has to maintain a tension between telling the truth and not being heard, on the one hand, and telling what can be heard but is not true, on the other. In such a system, the role of academic researchers is not so much to give advice as it is to generate knowledge and to provide critical commentary on advice that is given. Along the way, an academic tries to counteract the natural tendency of advice givers to become more attentive to the hearing of their clients than to the knowledge underlying what they say. This book is in that tradition. It honors the noble tradition of giving advice on strategic management and organizational learning by exploring some elements of fundamental knowledge that might inform such advice.
List of contributors. Acknowledgments. Prelude (J.G. March). Preface (L. Argote). Industry and population-level learning: organizational, interorganizational, and collective learning processes (A.S. Miner, P. Anderson). Recurrent Learning by Organizations from their Own Experience. Learning within and among organizations (K.M. Carley). Recurrent Interorganizational Learning. Branch systems and nonlocal learning in populations (H.R. Greve). The organizational ecology of strategic interaction (A. Ginsberg et al.). Modes of interorganizational imitation and the transformation of organizational populations (S.J. Mezias, A.B. Eisner). Interorganizational personnel dynamics, population evolution, and population-level learning (J.B. Wade et al.). Sources, dynamics, and speed: a longitudinal behavioral simulation of interorganizational and population-level learning (J.A.C. Baum, W.B. Berta). Collective Population Learning. Fruits of failure: organizational failure and population-level learning (A.S. Miner et al.). Strategic groups: a situated learning perspective (T.K. Lant, C. Phelps). Constructing variation: insights from an emerging organizational field (T. Rura-Polley). Collective interpretation and collective action in population-level learning: technology choice in the American cement industry (P. Anderson).

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