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Politics of Change: Sexuality, Gender and Aging Vol: 13

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04 Sep 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
264 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Research in Political Sociology


Political struggle situated within and between cleavages based on sexuality, gender, and age is examined in this volume. The collection offers cutting edge work that challenges traditional notions of what is political sociology and what constitutes political behavior. Political activism organized around identities of transgender, intersex, lesbian, gay, and old age demonstrates the increasing importance of identity politics for political sociologists and social movements scholars alike. The authors combined in this volume teach students and scholars of political sociology, the continued significance of questions related to the culture wars and art as an agent of change, the role of political opportunity and threat in social movements, transgender and intersex political activism, the advantages and disadvantages of late-life liberal political activism, and how everyday life or just living constitutes social movement activity. The readings raise important questions regarding the intersection of sexual minority, race, and gender. Additionally, the readings explore identity politics from the vantage of several different contexts using a variety of methodological approaches and theoretical views. The authors hope this volume will stimulate other political sociologists and social movement scholars to further explore political behavior that is based upon and motivated by some of the most intimate aspects of our lives.
Introduction: Politics of Change: Sexuality, Gender, and Aging. (L. K. Waldner et al.). Everyday Living and social movements. Rivers of Ideas, Participants, and Praxis: the Benefits and Challenges of Confluence in the Landdyke Movement. (S. Anahita). Resources, Identity, and the Role of Threat: the Case of AIDS Mobilization, 1981-1986. (G. M. Tester). Identity Politics. Sexual Politics in the Defense of Art: Culture Wars, Mapplethorpe, and the Road from Formalism to Identity Politics. (D. Kidd). Life Satisfaction and Late-Life Liberal Activism: Activity, Continuity, and the Role of Identity Politics. (W. J. Kinney, J. Helfgott). Strategic Ambiguity Meets Strategic Essentialism: Multiracial, Intersex, and Disability Rights Activism and the Paradoxes of Identity Politics. (J. E. Foster). Out of the O.R. and into the Streets: Exploring the Impact of Intersex Media Activism. (S. Preves). Institutional Selves in Social Movements: the Rhetorical Production of FTM/Transmen. (K. Broad). About the Authors.

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