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Political Power and Social Theory Vol: 23

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06 Sep 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
334 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Political Power and Social Theory


As economic stagnation freezes the globe; capitalism is increasingly questioned; war, revolution and political instability unsettles the Middle East; and President Obama's campaign for the Presidency looms, Volume 23 of Political Power and Social Theory reflects on these and related issues. Chapters in this volume discuss the meaning of revolution, the origins of neoliberalism in India, identity formation in a Chicago social movement, the Palestinian National Question, and the Black middle-class in the US. Additionally, in the Scholarly Controversy section, Fred Block questions whether the concept of "capitalism" should be problematized entirely.
List of Contributors. Senior Editorial Board. Editorial Statement. Editor's introduction. Free Riding on Revolution: Conservatism and Social Change. Parties and the Articulation of Neoliberalism: From “The Emergency” to Reforms in India, 1975–1991. “A New Health Order as Part of the New Social Order”: The Strategic Response of the WHO to its Member States. The Reconfiguration of the Palestinian National Question: The Indirect Rule Route and the Civil Society Route. Transforming Citizenship: The Subjective Consequences of Local Political Mobilization. Political Fields and Religious Movements: The Exclusion of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan. Racialized Class Formation: Blacks in the Professional Middle Class in the Post-Civil Rights Era. Varieties of what? Should we still be Using the Concept of Capitalism?. A Polanyian Analysis of Capitalism: A Commentary on Fred Block. Marx, Weber, and the “Ceaseless Accumulation of Capital”. On Fred Block, Varieties of what? Should we still be using the Concept of Capitalism?. There was no Baby in this Bathwater: A Reply to the Critics. Political power and social theory. Political power and social theory. Political power and social theory. Copyright page.

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