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Political Power and Social Theory Vol: 11

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25 Jul 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
274 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Political Power and Social Theory


The countries or regions under study include the United States, Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico, Samoa, and Southwest Africa. In keeping with the journal's commitment to inter-disciplinary as well as historical inquiry, our nine contributors come from a variety of disciplines (sociology, political science, anthropology, and history), all drawing on debates and themes that cross-cut the social sciences. The significance of the inter-disciplinary perspective is seen not only in the range of cases, literatures, and methodologies brought to bear on the key issues under study; it also forms the substantive core of several contributions that call for a rethinking of conventional disciplinary boundaries and methodological frames.
Editor's introduction (D.E. Davis). Class and Mass Action. The integration of workplace and community relations at the Ford Rouge Plant, 1930s-1940s (J. Stepan-Norris). Mass action and social structure (S. Paul et al.). States and Regulation. How militarization drives political control of the military: the case of Israel (Y. Levy). Protest from the floating world: fashion, state, and category formation in early modern Japan (Eiko Ikegami). Scholarly Controversy: Rethinking Race. Racial histories and their regimes of truth (A.L. Stoler). Implications: a commentary on Stoler (V.R. Dominguez). A response to "Racial Histories" (D. Roediger). For an analytic of racial domination (L.J.D. Wacquant). The essential ambiguities of race and racism (U.S. Mehta). On politics, origins, and epistemes (A.L. Stoler).

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