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Political Power and Social Theory Vol: 10

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31 May 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
364 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Political Power and Social Theory


Part of a series studying political power and social theory, this volume discusses topics such as defence policy and corporate growth, global markets, governance structures and policy options, and reflections on embedded autonomy.
Part 1 World War II, the US state and business elites: warmaking and the accommodation of leading firms - defence procurement and corporate growth, 1939-1959, Gregory Hooks and William Luchansky; planning United States hegemony - expansion and intra-state conflict over postwar world organization in World War II, Gregory McLaughlin. Part 2 Recent US politics - applying state theory: the political origins of "supply-side" economic policy - the Humphrey-Hawkins Bill and the Revenue Act of 1978, Patrick Akard; state theory and corporate welfare - the crisis and bailout of the savings and loan industry from a contingency perspective, Dan Skidmore and Davita Silfen Glasberg. Part 3 Class politics, the state and prosperity: the contrasting consequences of institutions and politics - labour and industrial relations in the United States and Germany, Stephen Amberg; unravelling Hong Kong's exceptionalism - the politics of laissez-faire in the industrial takeoff, Stephen W.K. Chiu. Part 4 Scholarly controversy - embedded autonomy: embedded autonomy - global markets, governance structures and policy options in embedded autonomy, Herman M. Schwartz; the paradox of the developmental state and the study of institutions, Francisco Valdes-Ugalde; the ties that bind? autonomy, embeddedness and industrial development, Meredith Woo-Cumings; challenging world inequalities - beyond uneven development?, Roberto Patricio Korseniewicz; reconstructing agency in a global economy - reflections on embedded autonomy, Peter Evans.

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