Policing: The Inner Uniform

Eccy de Jonge
Independent Scholar, UK

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07 Feb 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
271 pages - 152 x 229mm
This study explores the inner workings of the police institution, focusing particularly on the treatment of victims and complainants, with case studies drawn from interviews recruited through the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. 

In showing that certain officers act primarily to protect the police institution at the expense of victims, a larger picture emerges revealing that other members of the criminal justice system - in particular, coroners, pathologists and prosecutions act to support these behaviours. 

The book acknowledges that not all investigations or police officers are biased or corrupt, and that measures among certain police agencies offer prospect of real change most of all when officers approach crime from the perspective of victims and crime prevention. At the heart of the problem lies a lack of proper training and a deeper malaise where natural empathy is either missing or frowned upon by the criminal justice system.
Preface & Acknowledgments 
CHAPTER 1: Discrediting Victims and Complainants 
CHAPTER 2: The Meaning of Bias in Police Investigations 
CHAPTER 3: Covert Policing 
CHAPTER 4: Road Deaths 
CHAPTER 5: Police Support Networks 
CHAPTER 6: Accountability: a grey area 
Selected bibliography
Eccy de Jonge is an independent writer and researcher. The author of Spinoza and Deep Ecology and Reinstating the Infinite she has published numerous articles in books and journals, appearing on national radio and at international conferences talking about her work. A graduate of Central St. Martins with a PhD in Philosophy, in 2015 she returned to University to study a postgraduate qualification in Policing, Policy and Leadership following the tragic death of her mother.

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