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Philosophy and Organization Theory Vol: 32

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03 Feb 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
What is the relationship between philosophy and organization theory (OT)? While at first glance there might appear to be little, a closer look reveals a rich pattern of connections. More than any other type of human inquiry, philosophy helps make us self-aware of critical assumptions we tacitly incorporate in our organizational theorizing; it creates a deeper awareness of the 'unconscious metaphysics' underpinning our efforts to understand organizations. This volume includes papers that explore connections between several streams in philosophy and OT. As the titles of the papers suggest, most authors write about a particular philosopher or group of philosophers that make up a distinct school of thought, summarize important aspects of his/their work, and tease out the implications for OT. The central question authors explore is: 'what does a particular philosophy contribute to OT?' Either addressing this question in historical or exploratory terms, or in a combination of both, the end result is similar: particular philosophical issues, properly explained, are discussed in relation to important questions in OT.
List of Contributors. Introduction: why philosophy matters to organization theory. Analytic philosophy and organization theory: philosophical problems and scientific solutions. Pragmatism: A lived and living philosophy. What can it offer to contemporary organization theory?. MacIntyre, neo-Aristotelianism and organization theory. Marxist philosophy and organization studies: Marxist contributions to the understanding of some important organizational forms. Beyond universalism and relativism: Habermas's contribution to discourse ethics and its implications for intercultural ethics and organization theory. Hermeneutic philosophy and organizational theory. Phenomenology and organization theory. Organizing Derrida organizing: Deconstruction and organization theory. Thinking becoming and emergence: process philosophy and organization studies. Theory as therapy: Wittgensteinian reminders for reflective theorizing in organization and management theory. Triangulating philosophies of science to understand complex organizational and managerial problems. Richard Rorty, women, and the new pragmatism. Research in the sociology of organizations. Research in the sociology of organizations. Copyright page. Advisory Board.

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