Personalized Principal Leadership Practices: Eight Strategies For Leading Equitable, High Achieving Schools

Dionne V. McLaughlin
North Carolina Central University, USA

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02 Jun 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 129 x 198mm
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Personalized Principal Leadership Practices includes practical solutions to problems principals encounter as they endeavor to solve vexing problems with the underachievement of students of color. 

Featuring principals which lead schools where 80% or more of African American and Latinx students are proficient on State’s standardized English and Math assessments, McLaughlin examines the strategies expert principals utilize: personalizing data by amplifying student academic stories, conducting ORID data chats, developing principal-directed student equity learning goals and increasing teachers’ cultural proficiency. Readers are introduced to equity audits, equity focused classroom walkthroughs, student-led equity discussion panels and affinity groups, school-wide intervention programs, including a system for Not Handed ins (NHIs) for missed assignments, and strategies for building trusting relationships with families of color.
Chapter 1: Personalize The Data 
Chapter 2: Generate Principal-Directed Student Equity Learning Goals and Promote Equitable Learning Environments 
Chapter 3: Get the Right Teachers In the Classroom, and Monitor the Implementation of Culturally Proficient Instruction 
Chapter 4: Increase Teachers’ Cultural Proficiency 
Chapter 5: Infuse Highly Structured Interventions
Chapter 6: Utilize Student Voice Data As an Integral Part of School Improvement
Chapter 7: Create Academic Affinity Groups and Scholar Support Programs For African American and Latinx Students 
Chapter 8: Partner With Parents: Best Practices for Building Strong Parent Collaborations
Dionne V. McLaughlin is an Assistant Professor at North Carolina Central University, USA. She is a British-born Jamaican educator and an experienced bilingual principal and teacher. She is the author of Insights: How Expert Principals Make Difficult Decisions
‘Ensuring that principals are fully equipped with evidenced-based strategies designed to meet the needs of all students, particularly marginalized students, is a necessary ingredient for effective leadership in today’s schools. Leaders who are serious about tackling their students' needs (as opposed to simply acknowledging them) will undoubtedly find this book worth reading.’ - Derrick D. Jordan, Superintendent, Chatham County Schools, Pittsboro, North Carolina

‘Finally, a book that details the wisdom and everyday strategies of school leaders who motivate their students and teachers. The crisp and compelling voices of inventive educators speak with optimism and determination. The new diversity in America's suburbs challenges our teachers like never before. A former school principal, Dr McLaughlin reports the clear, compelling voices of inspiring teachers who listen to kids and tailor their pedagogy to serve America's remarkable diversity.' - Bruce Fuller, Professor, Education & Public Policy, Graduate School of Education, University of California – Berkeley

‘Personalized Principal Leadership Practices will help principals to identify factors in their school which may be causing disproportionate underachievement for minority students. The personalized learning experience shared in chapter one helped me visualize Calvin and other minority students like him that we are failing to reach. The strategies and resources shared in the following chapters were attainable and the goals for each were clearly defined. Additionally, the checklists provided an easy reference for readers.’  - Alyson Beavers, Principal, Raleigh Road Elementary School – Linden, North Carolina Cumberland County Schools

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