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Patient Safety and Health Care Management Vol: 7

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25 Jul 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
Advances in Health Care Management


This volume on patient safety revolves around a central question: How can the increased emphasis on patient safety among healthcare managers be translated into better policy and reduced clinical risk? The twelve contributions in this volume are divided between four sections: theoretical perspectives on managing patient safety; top management perspectives on patient safety; health information technology perspectives on patient safety; and organizational behavior and change perspectives on patient safety. The issue of patient safety provides a fertile niche for management researchers to test existing theories and develop new ones. For example, the goal of reducing medical errors while maximizing patient health requires not only an awareness of the tenets of evidence-based medicine, but also the managerial theories of human relations, organizational culture, organizational development, organizational learning, organizational structure, quality improvement, and systems thinking. Indeed, these and other managerial theories are drawn upon and applied by the various contributors. Taken together, the thirty-five authors of this volume demonstrate that the future of patient safety requires healthcare professionals and managers who can successfully engage in multi-faceted projects that are socially and technically complex.
Patient Safety State-of-the-Art in Health Care Management and Future Directions (Eric W. Ford & Grant T. Savage), Evidence-Based Medicine and Patient Safety: Limitations and Implications (Grant T. Savage & Eric S. Williams), The Anatomy and Physiology of Error in Adverse Healthcare Events (Patrick Palmieri, Patricia Delucia, Lori T. Peterson, Tammy E. Ott, & Alexia Green), Promoting Patient Safety by Monitoring Errors: A View from the Middle (Michal Tamuz, Cynthia Russell & Eric J. Thomas), Quality and Patient Safety from the Top: A Case Study of St. Francis Medical Center Governing Board's Call to Action (Louis Rubino & Marsha Chan), Trustee and Patient Safety: Redefining Boundaries (Richard A. Culbertson & Julia Hughes), Protecting the Patient: Collaborating to Achieve the Ideal Hospital Work Environment (Donde Batten, Gerald Goodman, & Susan M. Distefano), Privacy, Security and the National Health Information Network: A Mixed Methods Case Study of State Level Stakeholder Awareness (Kimberly A. Galt, Karen A. Paschal, Amy Abbott, Andjela Drincic, Mark V. Siracuse, James D. Bramble, & Ann Rule), Examining Barriers to Health Information Technology (HIT) Adoption (James D. Bramble, Mark V. Siracuse, Kimberly A. Galt, Ann M. Rule & Bartholomew E. Clark), Improving Patient Safety through Organizational Development: Considering the Opportunities (Ann Scheck McAlearney), S*T*A*R*T A Great Handoff: An Approach to Effective Medical Communication in a High-Risk Environment (Ellen S. Deutsch, Brian Binck, Gina Moore & Ben-Tzion Karsh), Changing a Pediatric Sub Acute Facility to Increase Safety and Reliability (Daved W. van Stralen, Racquel C. Calderon, Jeff F. Lewis, & Karlene H. Roberts)

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