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Panel Data and Labour Market Dynamics: 3rd Conference : Papers Vol: 222

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11 Nov 1993
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
508 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


The contributions in this volume, by leading economists from major universities in Europe and USA, cover research at the front line of econometric analysis and labour market applications. The volume includes several papers on equilibrium search models (a relatively new field), and job matching, both seen from a theoretical and from an applied point of view. Methods on and empirical analyses of unemployment durations are also discussed. Finally, a large group of papers examine the structure and the dynamics of the labour market in a number of countries using panel data. This group includes papers on data quality and policy evaluation. The high unemployment in most countries makes it necessary to come up with studies and methods for analysing the impact of different elements of economic policies. This volume is intended to contribute to further development in the use of panel data in economic analyses.
Preface. Macro matching and micro search durations looking inside the black box of job formation (M. Lindeboom, J. van Ours). Job match quality over the business cycle (A. Bowlus). Estimating an equilibrium search model from wage data (G.J. van den Berg, G. Ridder). Wage dispersion with homogeneity: The empirical equilibrium search model (N.M. Kiefer, G.R. Neumann). Measurement of job exits: What difference does ambiguity make (T.J. Devine). Job separations in an efficient turnover model (R. Winkelmann, K.F. Zimmermann). Unemployment data, from surveys and administrative registers (K. Albak, A.H. Larsen). Reservation wages, wage offer distribution and accepted wages (C.M. Schmidt, R. Winkelmann). Data inaccuracies and sampling plan in a model of unemployment duration (N. Torelli, U. Trivellato). Testing for state dependence effects in a dynamic model of male unemployment behaviour (G. Flaig, G. Licht, V. Steiner). Heterogeneous duration dependence: Econometric methods and empirical evidence (P. Jensen). Inferential separation in the prototypal search model (B.J. Christensen, N.M. Kiefer). Efficiency considerations in tobit models with fixed effects (B.E. Honore). Estimation of limited dependent variable habit persistence models on panel data with an application to the dynamics of self-employment in the former East Germany (M. Lechner). The labour market behaviour of Danish lone mothers (N. Smith, I. Walker, N. Westergard-Nielsen). The effects of labour market training on wages and unemployment: Some Danish results (P. Jensen et al.). Insiders and outsiders in the Danish labour market. An empirical study (N.H. Bjorn, T.M. Pedersen). Mobility and individual earnings growth (T. Eriksson). Inter-industry wage premiums and labour mobility (K. Albak, E. Strojer Madsen). Job and worker flows in U.S. manufacturing (D.T. Mortensen). Search, matching and unions (K. Burdett, R. Wright). Benefits, insurance, and implicit contracts (I.S. Mikkelsen). An object-oriented approach to managing panel and duration data (H. Bunzel). Information sources and equilibrium wage outcomes (D.T. Mortensen, T. Vishwanath).

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