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Organizational Culture, Business-to-Business Relationships, and Interfirm Networks Vol: 16

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18 Aug 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
520 pages - 156 x 234 x 43mm
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing


This volume provides in-depth understanding about business-to-business (B2B) and organizational relationships. Studies included identify real-life relationship paradoxes and explain how firms manage - not solve - these paradoxes. Two research reports are the result of three years of intensive face-to-face data collection of how interfirm relations form, operate, and change. They include unedited direct quotes from suppliers, focal firms, and customers on their interfirm relationships and provide a profound understanding of quality relationships. Additional articles include: Discourses in Organizational Culture; Organizational Innovation and Outcomes in SMEs; Anatomy of Relationship Significance; a review of Markets-as-Networks Theory; and Meta-theories in Research. The volume highlights that making mistakes is inherent in organizational innovations and understanding how organizations work through such mistakes is an important key to understanding success versus failure in innovation outcomes. It provides rich descriptions on how B2B networks form, function and develop and is for readers who want to delve into how B2B relationships actually work and, frequently, do not work.
List of Contributors. EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD. Chapter 1 Introduction: Theory and practice of organizational culture, B2B relationships, and interfirm networks. Chapter 2 Discourses in organizational culture: Bank managers and employees perceived relationships and performance. Chapter 3 Modeling the structure of business-to-business relationships. Chapter 4 Understanding and modeling the dynamics of business-to-business relationships. Chapter 5 Structure and dynamics of business-to-business relationships. Chapter 6 Organizational innovation and outcomes in SMEs. Chapter 7 Anatomy of relationship significance: A critical realist exploration. Chapter 8 Markets-as-networks theory: a review. Chapter 9 Metatheories in research: positivism, postmodernism, and critical realism. Advances in business marketing and purchasing. Advances in business marketing and purchasing. Copyright page.

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