Organizational Behavior Management: An Islamic Approach

Seyed Mohammad Moghimi
University of Tehran, Iran

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30 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
The most important resource an organization has is its staff, its human resources, and it is the task of management to help staff to reach their full potential in order to optimize the organization’s competitive advantage. Yet human behaviour is complex, and most managers neglect to explore fully the multifaceted principles—some practical, some abstract or philosophical—that are essential to understanding it. 

Here Seyed Mohammad Moghimi examines both the everyday and the theoretical insights offered by Islamic sources for managing organizational behavior. He takes a wide-ranging approach to key organizational issues, including organizational communication, organizational leadership, conflict management, and organizational culture and ethics. Drawing upon a rich and varied corpus of Islamic sources, he provides insights into large-scale organizational issues, and he also addresses organizational and behavioral management at an individual level, exploring in depth issues such as perception, personality, and motivation. These discussions are capped by reflections on how to lead in a way responsive to the complexities he uncovers, ultimately breaking new ground by providing a modern and applicable framework founded in Islamic management principles and suitable for the requirements of international businesses.  

For the wealth of findings and insights it offers within a field that remains deeply under-researched, Organizational Behavior and Management: An Islamic Approach is essential reading for managers and for students of management at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
Chapter 1. Foundations of Organizational Behavior in Islamic Management 
Chapter 2. Individual Differencess: Personality in Islamic Management  
Chapter 3. Human Perception in Islamic Management 
Chapter 4. Motivation in Islamic Management 
Chapter 5. Work-Related Attitudes in Hereafter-oriented Organizations 
Chapter 6. Organizational Communication in Islamic Management 
Chapter 7. Organizational Conflict Management in Islamic Management 
Chapter 8. Influence and Leader – Follower Relations in Hereafter-oriented Organizations 
Chapter 9. Leadership Styles in Islamic Management 
Chapter 10. Organizational Culture and Ethics in Islamic Management
Seyed Mohammad Moghimi is Professor of Management at the University of Tehran, Iran. His previous publications include Entrepreneurship Theories (2017), Public Budgeting (2016), and Fundamentals of Organization and Management (2015).

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