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Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry

Peter Szende
Oxford Brookes University, UK

Michelle (Myongjee) Yoo
California State Polytechnic University, USA

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10 Jun 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229mm
From restaurants to resorts, the hospitality industry demands strong operations management to delight guests, develop employees, and deliver financial returns. This introductory text provides students with fundamental techniques and tools to analyse and improve operational capabilities of any hospitality organization.

This book spans a breadth of topics critical to today's operations leaders. Each topic surveys key theories, frameworks, and industry examples, with additional depth achieved through engaging learning features.

Uniquely, the book is set out in standalone chapters that can be digested individually or together; allowing flexibility for instructors and readers seeking to learn specific subject matter. Whether a student preparing for their career, or a professional seeking tools, readers will gain valuable knowledge from Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry.
Chapter 1. Understanding Service Operations Strategy; Alec N. Dalton and Michelle (Myongjee) Yoo
Chapter 2. Designing Service Experiences; Peter Szende and Alec N. Dalton
Chapter 3. Designing Service Environments; Vanja Bogicevic and Hyeyoon Choi
Chapter 4. Forecasting Demand; Michelle (Myongjee) Yoo and Sybil Yang
Chapter 5. Inventory Control; Miguel Bendrao Baltazar and Yuan Li
Chapter 6. Managing Supply Chains; John Bancroft and Di Li
Chapter 7. Organizing Staff; Suzanne Markham Bagnera and Peter Szende
Chapter 8. Managing Capacity and Waits; Alec N. Dalton and Andrew M. Daw
Chapter 9. Measuring Quality; Michelle (Myongjee) Yoo and Alec N. Dalton
Chapter 10. Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency; Susan L. Hyde and Paul J. Bagdan
Peter Szende is currently a Programme Lead in Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes Business School. He was formerly a Professor of the Practice in the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University, where he also served as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Alec N. Daltonis a service scientist and Senior Manager of Global Quality for Marriott International*. With a focus on service quality, he operated five luxury hotels - including with Disney and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company - before transitioning to corporate roles in global operations strategy, technology, and research.
*This book is neither endorsed, sponsored, nor affiliated in any way with Marriott International, Inc.

Michelle (Myongjee) Yoo is an Associate Professor at The Collins College of Hospitality Management in California State Polytechnic University Pomona. Her area of specialty is hospitality marketing and teaches Hospitality Marketing Management, Hotel/Resorts Sales, Advertising, and Promotions, Social Media Marketing, and Revenue Management.

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