Onboarding: Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start

Christian Harpelund
Onboarding Group

Morten T. Højberg
Onboarding Group

Kasper U. Nielsen
Onboarding Group

Product Details
21 Jan 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Onboarding of new hires is critical for success today. Employees are increasingly expecting more from companies, and if they don’t feel connected and onboard they will likely leave for a new opportunity somewhere else. However, there is a marked lack of knowledge about onboarding at the manager level, and the majority of companies are stuck using a “checklist” approach which does not factor in the emotional experience and engaged integration of the new hire.  

Onboarding: Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start provides a clear framework for managers to improve the onboarding process. Based on 20 years of experience with recruiting, onboarding, and organisational development, the authors have developed an easy to use model and process for onboarding which maps out 6 dimensions which can be used to design and implement a systematic organizational process. The book also provides real case examples to demonstrate how to take action in an organization and ensure faster and better onboarding of new employees. 

Outlining specific tools to facilitate the onboarding dialogue between the new employee and the manager, the book will provide immediate solutions to improve and professionalise the discipline of onboarding, leading ultimately to improved new hires’ time-to-performance, increasing retention rates, higher engagement, and lower stress-levels.
Chapter 1. Why invest in onboarding? 
Chapter 2. An onboarding mindset 
Chapter 3. How do I create 'good' onboarding? 
Chapter 4. The forming track 
Chapter 5. The connection track 
Chapter 6. The unfolding track 
Chapter 7. Onboarding-design: how to do onboarding in practice?  
Chapter 8. Onboarding resources: What do we need?  
Chapter 9. Onboarding specials: Where do we need something special?
Christian Harpelund holds a MSc in Organizational Psychology from Copenhagen University, and is a State Authorised Psychologist. He is the Co-Founder of Onboarding Group which specializes in designing and implementing structured onboarding processes in organizations.
Morten Højberg is the Founder and CEO of the recruiting company Moment. He has worked with hiring and onboarding new employees for more than 20 years across 1000+ companies, and he is the Co-Founder of Onboarding Group.
Kasper Ulf Nielsen is the Co-Founder of Reputation Institute, the global leader in reputation measurement and management. He holds a MSc in Intercultural Management from Copenhagen Business School. Kasper is the Chairman of the Board at Onboarding Group.

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