On Practice and Institution: Theorizing the Interface Vol: 70

Michael Lounsbury
University of Alberta, Canada

Deborah A. Anderson
University of Oxford, USA

Paul Spee
University of Queensland, Australia

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12 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
264 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
The concepts of practice and institution are of longstanding importance across the social sciences. This double-volume builds directly on the scholarship of Theodore Schatzki and Roger Friedland, to map out new theoretical and empirical directions at the interface between the practice and institutional “logics” literatures in organizational sociology, bridging the two perspectives.

Volume 70 of Research in the Sociology of Organizations focuses on theoretical development including two major, and complementary, theoretical statements by Schatzki and Friedland that engage key ontological issues which lay the groundwork for how their approaches to practice and institutions can be generatively connected.
Chapter 1. Towards A Religious Institutionalism: Ontologies, Teleologies and The Godding of Institution; Roger Friedland 
Chapter 2. Forming alliances; Theodore Schatzki 
Chapter 3. Searching for Values in Practice-Driven Institutionalism: Practice Theory, Institutional Logics, And Values Work; Joel Gehman 
Chapter 4. Zones of Meaning, Leitideen, Institutional Logics, Practices: Family Gathering and an Esteemed Guest; Renate Meyer, Dennis Jancsary, and Markus A. Höllerer 
Chapter 5. Restless practices as drivers of purposive institutional change; David Seidl, Tanja Ohlson, and Richard Whittington 
Chapter 6.‘They’re Alive!’: Exploring The Intentionality of Institutional Logics, Their Variable Orientation Towards Jurisdictional Expansion, And The General Significance of Their Internal Dynamics; Christopher Steele
Chapter 7. Practice driven institutionalism: a path towards a fruitful borrowing; Tammar Zilber
Michael Lounsbury is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Alberta School of Business. Michael's research focuses on the relationship between organizational and institutional change, entrepreneurial dynamics, and the emergence of new industries and practices.

Deborah A. Anderson is a doctoral candidate at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Deborah's research focuses on the interaction of knowledge and authority both within and across firms, particularly in the context of crisis, rapid technological change, and innovation.

Paul Spee is Associate Professor in Strategy at the University of Queensland Business School. Paul's research focuses on social practice theory, advocating for an alternative theorization of institutions, strategy and routines.

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