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Normative Social Action

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24 Feb 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
240 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Comparative Social Research


Focusing particularly upon normative social action, this text is divided into five sections, each with a theme. The first section deals with collective memory with a study of German collective memory. This central theme is explored through examinations of other aspects of society: cultural studies; the university and intellectuals; regional studies and family life. The section on regional studies contains essays on ethnic conflict in Italy and environmental issues in the Basque country.
Part 1 Collective memory as living history: the imaginary foe - on traumata and chasms in German collective memory, Niels Beckenbach; memory criticism or how we know the right from wrong, Iwona Irwin-Zorecka; the politics of monuments, Suzanne Vromen. Part 2 Cultural studies - interpretative and applied: social inequality and knowledge, Nico Stehr; portrayal of women on television in India, Kamlesh Mahajan; problems of generating and sustaining compliance with law in complex organizations, Matthews J. Wealt. Part 3 The university and intellectuals: the academic disciplines - social field and culture, Beate Krais; the French correspondence of Georg Simmel, Christian Gulich; knowledge production among contemporary French intellectuals - with an eye toward the appropriation of Nietzsche, Harvey Goldman. Part 4 Regional studies - interpretative and applied: environmental public discourse in the Basque country - the conflict of the Leizaran motorway, Pedro Ibarra, Antonio Rivas; American attitudes towards Haitians - AIDS as stigma, Yanick St Jean; ethnic conflict in Italy, Vittorio Cotesta. Part 5 The family past and present: the impact of the historical study of the family and the life course paradigm on sociology, Tamara K. Hareven; a reinterpretation of familial care - from reciprocal obligation to emotional bonds, Sally Bould.

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